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Nino Interdonato Very Yep, si tinge di azzurro Sicilia Futura


IL VICEPRESIDENTE DEL CONSIGLIO COMUNALE DI MESSINA SELEZIONATO DAL COMITATO EUROPEO DELLE REGIONI, COME YEP (Young Elected Politicians)Parteciperà al programma della Settimana delle regioni dell’UE che si terrà a Bruxelles dal 12 al 15 ottobre.
Nuova esperienza internazionale per il Vice Presidente Vicario del Consiglio Comunale di Messina, che ritorna a Bruxelles dopo lo stage del 2014 con la Scuola Giovani Amministratori di Anci. Il rappresentante di Sicilia Futura è stato selezionato insieme ad altri 149 giovani politici dei paesi aderenti all’Unione Europea, nell’ambito del programma della “Settimana delle regioni dell’UE”.Gli YEP (Young Elected Politicians) lavoreranno su uno specifico programma per ciascuno dei tre temi principali: Green Deal, Coesione e Futuro dell’Europa.
Questa la comunicazione della scelta in favore di Interdonato:
Dear Mr Interdonato, We are contacting you about your application for the Young Elected Politicians (YEP) 2020 annual programme. We are pleased to inform you that, you have been selected to join the Green Deal group of selected YEPs. In total, 150 YEPs will be taking part in the programme – 50 YEPs for each of the three topics announced in the call.Kindly reply to this survey no later than 23 July to confirm your participation in the 2020 YEP programme, and your preference for physical participation in Brussels (12-15 October at EU RegionsWeek) or online participation. Please read carefully the information below about the important changes that you should be aware of. WHAT CHANGES As stated on the call webpage, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities of the YEP programme have been moved to the second semester of this year. You will have the opportunity to travel to Brussels for the European Week of Regions and Cities (#EU Regions Week) in October.Within the programme of the EU Regions Week, YEPs will have a specific tailor-made programme built for each of the three main themes – Green Deal, Cohesion, and Future of Europe.The restriction measures caused by coronavirus have also had an impact on the overall format and duration of EURegionsWeek and the YEP programme linked to it. The programme of the EU Regions Week will thus now extend from 5 to 21 October offering a mix of hybrid and online sessions. The Political Opening Session of the EU Regions Week remains unchanged on 12 October. The YEP programme will follow the EU Regions Week and will consist of a number of hybrid and online sessions spread through the dates mentioned above. The hybrid sessions of the YEP programme will only take place from 12 to 15 October, thus allowing the YEPs to travel to Brussels as originally planned. The remainder of the programme can be followed online.Hybrid sessions allow for a combination of physical and online participation with speakers and audience taking part both physically in Brussels and remotely online. Online sessions will be available only in a digital format with remote participation online. CONFIRMATIONGiven specific circumstances of this year, you should decide if you would like to travel to Brussels to participate in the hybrid and online sessions or if you prefer to follow the YEP programme online only. Please note that physical presence will be subject to health and safety measures applicable at the time.In case of travel to Brussels, please note that the CoR will reimburse your travel expenses and provide a flat-rate allowance for your stay based on the conditions set out here. We will send you the specific YEP programme for your topic after finalisation at a later stage. Please note that as a selected YEP, you are expected to follow the YEP programme. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, YEP Programme team Paolo CiampaglioneEvents Unit – D.2/Directorate for Communication European Committee of the RegionsRue Belliard/Belliardstraat 1011040 Bruxelles/BrusselBELGIQUE/BELGIË

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